Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Update

Middle of the month and not quite at the middle of my target.

I have however, reached 20 173 words - that is really great considering I did not writing between the 4th & the 11th of November. Also in just 4 days I have written 7616 words so I am on track to be able to finish.

I need just under 2000 words per day - a little more than I am writing at present, but feel as though I can achieve this.

I am up to Chapter 16 and feel that the characters are developing nicely. At times the plot feels a little slow, but will fix that up in the editing in December. I also think it might be because I have been haphazard in my writing.

The interesting part is that this year I feel more pressured, I now have a readership who want a finished product and also they have a standar - Book One - for me to live up to. Wow, who can believe it, but here I am discussing my second book. 2011, I will certainly try and Edit both books properly and hopefully get book three written, although it may have to wait until nanowrimo 2011. There is nothing like a deadline to force one to work at writing.

Sorry about the lack of postings etc on Vesta - exams, visitors and writing and just hectic, busy, family life have got in the way.


Michelle said...

Congratulations, Beverly! You are doing such a fabulous job!!

We WILL be editing and publishing our books in 2011, and we WILL be doing NaNoWriMo in November '11, again.

Can't wait.

This is so much fun!!

darlin said...

Good for you Beverly, wonderful news! I hear you about time constraints, I'm nearing the end of my first semester in yr. 3 and I've got work piled up to my eyeballs! What are you currently studying? And on that note, time to get to work here!

Cheers! Awesome to see you here again.