Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apologies to Vesta Followers

To all Vesta followers my apologies for neglecting you so badly. Life has been hectic and I have also started another Blog to cater to my more Spiritual/Thoughtful Writings - it is called VestaLife and you are all welcome to come along for a journey of thought provactive posts.

I will continue to maintain Vesta with family news, photos and posts (apologies if they are not as frequent.

Anyway todays post is titled: SATURDAY CHORES
I have discovered the JOY of having 2 teenage children (although Sarah is still 12). They are both capable and willing to help around the house and garden when given specific tasks. Sarah loves driving the ride-on-mower and Matt is now strong enough to deal with the hand mower.
With Ivan away at the moment this help is invaluable.
Thanks Kids


darlin said...

It's awesome when the kids are so helpful, I sure miss mine when chores around this house need doing! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mine are alway good at doing what they are asked, less good at finding what needs doing and just doing it - but we can't have everything.

paul smith said...

It's awesome